Alimentación Natural Naturfood arises from the search of healthy foods.

Founded in 2012 in the city of Pedro Muñoz, located in the province of Ciudad Real, region of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

This interest on analysing the consumption of garlic emerges as a consequence of the proximity of the farmlands dedicated to the growing and trading of fresh garlic, a relationship that links us together, focusing on an approach to the most hesitant groups, not so fond of the smell and taste of the product. It is then, when the idea of transforming fresh garlic into black garlic popped up. This new product does not only amaze this actual sector, but also delights the natural fresh garlic enthusiasts.

Henceforth, Alimentación Natural Naturfood brings its project to life, committing itself to the organization and implementation of all the processes, focusing on features such as investigation, development and innovation, that aim to meet the demand, while paying attention to optimizing the activities and initiatives intended to the elaboration of black garlic and innovative products related to it.

Nowadays, the quality of our products is our greatest and outstanding competitive advantage. This is the result of an involved teamwork and the provision of both, human and technological resources, looking forward to achieving the greatest excellence in our products.


As a consequence, we garner a good variety of high-quality and varied products whilst respecting the environment. In addition, we have the appropriated systems implementation, such as renewable energy resources structures and the provision of highly energy-efficient industrial equipment, in order to make a responsible use of the energy and the natural resources.

Alimentación Natural Naturfood

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